Saturday, September 22, 2012

Heather Christian & the Arbornauts

About: Heather Christian & the Arbornauts

Heather Christian & the Arbornauts is the music-brainchild of Heather Christian, the daughter of a blues musician and a go-go dancer from backwoods Mississippi and 5 of the most virtuosic boy prodigies she could find. Primarily known for her eccentric voice, Miss Christian is part blues musician, part pixie, part old lady and pulls from the traditional gospel canon in tandem with circus music, folk music and noise rock to romp stomp and screech her dream-hymnal stories of heart-ache, time travel, space-travel, blubbbering, blustering, and good old fashioned feeling good.


(Christian’s) voice catches you off guard perfectly, like a haunted old record player crackling away in some dusty gin parlor. ~ The Aquarian

"Christian's voice is like a crazed rubber band — its capacity to bend, stretch, and
snap is consistently surprising. Her five-piece band is reassuringly confident, performing Christian's strange and special new-music compositions with the stage chops of a seasoned rock band." ~

"Singer-songwriter Heather Christian has a haunting way with lyrics, an unforgettable voice that somehow bridges Carol Channing and Joanna Newsom, and a wise-waif presence that ambitious performer.” ~ Time Out NY

2016 June 22

New Project: “Liberty Songs
EP: “Long Arc”

Liberty Songs features Heather Christian & Sasha Brown – 5 song EP “Long Arc” available at Bandcamp
"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice"
The King of Love said that.

We do not identify primarily as musicians who make political music.
This album happened because of love that we bear for where we are from and all the people in it in a time when shit could literally not feel darker.

We do not identify primarily as blues musicians either. Well, there you go. Part of me thinks that that's because we hadn't experienced a woe large enough to warrant it.

We are heartbroken and hopeful.
For our friends, for the people we didn't know personally who gave their lives to a problem we haven't figured out yet as a country, for our families- both inherited and chosen, and for anyone else who had the big bad sad.
We hear you, girl.
This is for you too.

We're talkin. We encourage you to talk back.

All proceeds from this record are going straight to the Pulse Victims Go Fund me campaign.

~ Heather Christian ~

Bounder – (Album: Cabinet - 2011)

Tiller Run – (Album: Cabinet - 2011)

Jet Thrust & Blushes – (Album: Cabinet - 2011)

North (Live @Ars Nova) - (EP: 7 Toy Pianos - 2012)

Teardrop - Massive Attack Cover – (2012)

Coocoon – (2013)

Youngblood – (2014)

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