Saturday, November 6, 2021

The Activist Poet - Volume 2

Are you trying to make sense of today’s insane world? Here is a book that will answer your questions.

World United Music creator Stewart F. Brennan offers another masterpiece that combines his memoirs, lyrical poetry and political commentary to connect the dots and expose the deceptions and illusions of our time while shining a light in dark places.

The Activist Poet Volume 2 is more than a book of lyrical poetry, it is a unique book of truth and opinion with social and economic commentary on topics that have been, for the most part, purposefully omitted by mainstream media and government, or censored by social network platforms, and Internet search engines.

The purpose of this book is to help people see and understand the major deceptions over the past sixty years that brought us to this moment in time. The book is unique and filled with information on many topics that provide the reader with a glimpse and understanding of the larger picture from a different perspective. It is meant to open eyes and awaken minds, but it is also for those already awake and working to make this world a better place.”

For those that want a good look at the bigger picture, this book is definitely for you. Also makes a great gift of knowledge for anyone (friends or family) that wants to know what’s going on in the world. A clear and direct approach on many important topics, made clear and easy to understand.

Book now available in all countries via your country’s Amazon shop:

Here are a few links:

The Activist Poet Volume II now available on Amazon Canada

The Activist Poet Volume II now available on Amazon USA

The Activist Poet Volume II now available on Amazon UK

Below is a video glimpse of the many topics that are discussed

Also, available for a limited time is, The Activist Poet – Volume 1 a book filled with information to open eyes and minds.

Makes a great gift of truth to someone you care about.

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