Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jack Morefield

About: Jack Morefield

I have been playing music my whole life, most of it as part of one 'clan' or another, who's primary mission statements have only included clearing the bar tab and getting a piece of the door - oh, and watching semi-drunken people dance to whatever sort of music we were playing. Original art has seldom been part of the agenda.

In my search for music to paint by I discovered several years ago some great downtempo psy tracks by folks like CBL and H.U.V.A network...I have always admired these composers but never dreamed that I could come close to creating brilliant soundscapes like that.

In March 2012 I was given an iPad by my beautiful wife, and promptly got the garage band app (best $5 I ever spent). I discovered the world of loops and grid editing. Now my little guitar riffs almost became songs, and I have not gotten a good nights sleep since.

I now track in Logic on my mac book, mostly (so far) loop designed pieces that I put guitar noodling over (or just play the loop part myself pretty much as it was)

Why is this music important to you? - no reason at all. But if you like it that is fantastic

Why is this music important to me? - many reasons, but the main one is that now because of technology I am able to make these compositions I have been hearing my whole life all on my own, which I never dreamed possible. I cannot believe that we can do on our computers and hand held devices more than any money could buy in a studio even 15 years ago...

So, I am slowly turning from a musician who had to prattle on - guitar wise- to a composer of soundscapes....to me that is very fulfilling.

Jack is also an accomplished artist and is one third of music group “Refracted Memories” along with Jay Arana and Michael Wadlow.

One Summer Night in the 70’s (Parts 1 –7) – (2015)

Vigil – (2014)

Imaginary Enemies (2014)

False Hope – (2014)

Euphoric – (2014)

Forever – (2014)

Vigil – (2014)

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